Csplast machinery inventory has been strenghtened to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers: we have tested and started using the new injection moulding machine NEGRI BOSSI V480-2850.

This investment is an important part of our innovation process, oriented to a constant improvement of our services. We improved the quality of moulded products, we increased our production capacity and we speeded up the delivery lead times.

Close collaboration with the Csplast moulding department means we can personally follow all the stages for perfecting production in order to obtain a product which really does meet all the technical and aesthetic requirements defined in the design phase.

Csplast moulding department has machinery assets which include today 16 injection presses (from 20 to 500 tons) 2 of which are automated parallel presses for co-moulding with two materials: this means we can quickly test the moulds we have designed and ensure you have the first samples of your products in a very short time. 

For further information on the activities involved in the construction of moulds and plastic material moulding, please visit the Csplast website at www.csplast.com