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    B2B (other companies)B2B (dealers, merchants, ..)B2C (private individuals, sale to general public)

    Does a similar product already exist? If yes, with which technology has it been made?
    MetalworkThermoformedInjection moulding

    Conditions of product use and relative certification when required
    Place of operation
    (for example: operating temperatures (max/min), watertightness (specify the IP rating if requested), self-extinguishing (specify the UL classification if known), Mechanical strain to which the piece is subjected,Scratch- and impact-resistance, food contact, FDA certification, medical (specify if atoxic or biocompatible material is required), V aging resistance etc...):

    Any aesthetic requirements:

    Moulding materials:

    Annual production batches
    From 100 to 500 piecesFrom 500 to 1,000 piecesFrom 1,000 to 5,000 piecesFrom 5,000 to 10,000 piecesOver 10,000 pieces

    Project development times and deadlines

    Expenditure budget




    Price of the moulded piece


    Is there an existing design??
    Yes, we already have the designThere is an idea but no design

    What objective are you setting out to achieve?
    To revamp an obsolete lineTo create a personalized line which makes the brand recognizable.To create a product that fits within an existing line of products

    Are specific/particular colours required (RAL/Pantone)?

    Project specifications
    Are there any keypads?Are there any protective/anti-impact rubber elements?Are there any hand grips?Are any supports/docking stations for recharging required?Are there any LEDs/connectors/LCDs?Does the article have to house any batteries?


    Are any technical drawings already available?
    There is a 3D drawingThere is a 2D drawingThere is a piece from which measurements and internal dimensions can be takenNo, there are no drawings/samples

    What are the indicative dimensions of the article?


    What kind of prototype do you need?
    An aesthetic prototype for trade fairsPrototype for testing the dimensions and to check correct functioning of the interlocking and closure systems.Prototype for structural and/or mechanical testing

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